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Quick Game Development with C++11 / C++14 – CppCon2014

April 13, 2017

Quick Game Development with C++11 / C++14,
by Vittorio Romeo

Modern C++ has made game development a much more pleasurable experience. Features such as smart pointers and variadic templates are invaluable in speeding up the development process and in making the code cleaner and more robust. New easy-to-use multimedia libraries such as SFML, SDL and Cinder make dealing with graphics, sounds and input very easy, and work well with modern code principles. This talk guides the audience through the creation of an Arkanoid/Breakout clone in under 200 lines of code, using C++11/C++14 features and idioms. Chronologically sequential code segments, compiled and executed one by one, will show the attendees how a game is created from scratch, slowly becoming a playable product, step by step. The end result will be a small game, completely written in modern C++ code. Topics covered will range from basic graphics programming to entity management and collision detection/response.

Vittorio Romeo is an Italian 19 year old Computer Science student at the University of Messina. He started programming at a very young age and soon became an enthusiast of the C++ language. While following the evolution of the C++ standard and embracing the newest features, he worked on many open-source project, such as general-purpose libraries and free multiplatform independent games, which are still being maintained and expanded today. Vittorio also participated as a speaker at Messina’s 2013 Linux Day event and he is currently creating an online game-development C++11 video tutorial series for beginners.

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