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Yu Suzuki’s Gameworks: A Career Retrospective – GDC 2011

May 25, 2011

GDC 2011 – March 2, 2011

In this first-ever Western talk, SEGA legend, Yu Suzuki talks with former colleague and industry veteran Mark Cerny on the inspiration and design underpinnings behind his seminal game output. From HANG ON and OUT-RUN to SPACE HARRIER and VIRTUA FIGHTER through AFTER BURNER and SHEN MUE, he has rarely spoken about the design reasoning and creative decisions that underscored his career to date. This Q&A style lecture will present what Suzuki has learned from his almost 30 years in the video game industry, with direct reference to his past, current, and future work.

Yu Suzuki is a Japanese game designer and producer who has spent his entire career with Sega Enterprises. Often referred to as Sega’s answer to Shigeru Miyamoto, he has been responsible for the creation of many of Sega’s most important arcade games such as Hang-On, Out Run, After Burner II, Virtua Fighter, Daytona USA and Virtua Cop as well as the Shenmue series for the Dreamcast.

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