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Crayon Physics Deluxe – Petri Purho – GDC 2009

April 17, 2011

GDC 2009 – March 25, 2009

After a series of critically acclaimed monthly games released on his website, Petri Purho single-handedly produced the version of innovative physics sandbox game Crayon Physics Deluxe that won him the Grand Prize at the Independent Games Festival 2008. Having completed and released it, he returns to GDC to discuss the genesis of the project, what went right and wrong in making it, and what independent developers can learn to make them successful in an incredibly competitive market.

Petri Purho (born in 1983) is a Finnish computing science student and rapid game prototyper. He has worked at Finnish independent game studio Frozenbyte. In September 2006, he made a promise to himself, that he “will create a new game every month” based on the experimental gameplay development model. This effort eventually ended in the creation of Crayon Physics Deluxe, which was nominated for the Seumas McNally grand prize from the Independent Games Festival in December 2007  and subsequently won this category at the 2008 IGF Awards on February 20. Many of his games are developed for various competitions such as Assembly.

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