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Smart Gamification: Designing the Player Journey

March 31, 2011

Google Tech Talk – February 16, 2011

Amy Jo Kim is a game designer and researcher on the subject of online communities. She is noted for her influential conceptual frameworks into online communities, in particular the Membership Lifecycle that was presented in her 2000 book, Community Building on the Web, a design handbook for networked communities. Kim holds a PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience from the University of Washington, and a BS in Experimental Psych from UC San Diego.

Game dynamics are infiltrating every aspect of daily life. Early “gamification” efforts involved adding simple game mechanics like points, badges and leaderboards to websites and apps. But that’s not what makes games truly compelling. Good games take players on a journey, giving them something the learn and master. Smart gamification involves creating virtual systems that shape real-world behavior, using a mix of intrinsic and extrinsic motivational techniques. In this short talk, we’ll cover the basics of smart gamification, and learn how to use game thinking to develop more engaging products and services.

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