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A Historical Perspective and Vision for the Future – Satoru Iwata – GDC 2011

March 22, 2011

GDC 2011 – March 2, 2011

In 2002, Satoru Iwata was named president of Nintendo Co., Ltd. He joined Nintendo in 2000 as the head of the Corporate Planning Division, where he was responsible for Nintendo’s global corporate planning. Iwata was born in 1959 in the Hokkaido Prefecture of Japan. He studied at and graduated from the Tokyo Institute of Technology University, where he majored in Computer Science. Shortly after graduating, Iwata joined HAL Laboratory, Inc. and in 1983 began coordinating the software production and development of Nintendo titles, such as the Kirby series. By 1993, he had become President of that company.

For a quarter of a century, the engine of video games has been must have – the viral communication of what a gamer simply can’t do without. Sometimes it’s hardware, sometimes software, sometimes an accessory, but must have always describes an experience that can’t be missedthe next big thing. Along the way, innovation has continuously reinvented the game experience in terms of graphics, player control and pure game design. But in the process, part of the magic of those early days of game creation has been lost. As a leading player during all 25 years of the modern video gaming era, Nintendo has a unique perspective on what makes gamers grin, what defines the term gamer and what is essential to ensuring industry growth. Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, will draw from his development roots and talk not only about how video gaming has evolved, but also, more importantly, he will offer his views on where we go from here.

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