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Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 Tips

September 29, 2008

Tower Defense games became popular with Warcraft 3 custom maps. Today, there is a rising number of tower defense games online. One of the most successful is Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 but it is quite difficult.

So I will give you some tips on how to reach a good score (more than 6000 points) in the medium mode.

  • Build a cheap maze with pellet towers before spending money in more powerful towers
  • Buy a Dart tower and upgrade it asap to take care of the ground creeps (Dart towers have a splash effect but only attack ground)
  • Build a Swarm tower and upgrade it asap to take care of the air levels (the first air level is so weak it can be killed completely using only pellet towers)
  • Continue building fully upgraded Dart and Swarm towers, having 3 of each should be enough to finish medium mode
  • Build one or two Frost towers well placed (at the center of your maze, around the Swarm towers so that these frost towers will hit some air units).
  • Send the creep waves as soon as possible. Usually, you can send normal waves without waiting. But you should clear the maze before sending swarm creeps or boss creeps if possible.
  • When reaching for the last 3 levels, send them altogether. The Air Bosses will arrive at the center first, hopefully killed by the swarm towers, then the last wave and the ground bosses will travel your maze.
  • Learn to juggle, at least for the last levels. You should wait for the creeps to reach the center of the maze, then sell a pellet tower to make an hopening way behind them. Then you should block their normal route to force them to use the other exit. Then you can repeat this procedure to have an almost infinite time to kill these last creeps.

I hope that those tips help you. If that’s not enough, have a look at all the good videos on youtube showing maze building and upgrading with actual timing.

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