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Best RTS so far

February 17, 2007

Amongst video games, the Real-Time Strategy type has become quite popular. Game industry is even about to give birth to a new genre, Real-Time Tactics, featuring titles like Company of Heroes or Ground Control II.

At the beginning, there was the chess game, which offers a great two players, turn-based, reflexion game. Then, turn-based wargames further refined the simulation of the war strategy. But these wargames weren’t very popular because it’s kinda boring to have to wait for one’s turn.

That’s when the RTS genre arrived, 23 years ago, with top class titles like Starcraft, Command & Conquer, Total Annihilation or Age of Empires. Some of the new RTS games tend to focus more on combat tactics and less on building and resource gathering.

The goal is always the same: in a “live” environnement, move your units and perform actions with them to meet your objectives which invariably involve getting rid of the enemy.

In my opinion, the best title of the genre so far is Warcraft 3 but I’m waiting Supreme Commander and Starcraft 2 with great expectations.

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