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Educating our kids

February 13, 2007

Children nowadays can become a big source of trouble. This is mostly due to their education or lack of. I view education as a software system operating in the home environment.

The parents specify the appropriate hours to eat, to sleep and to have fun. The children use this system, take advantage of it if possible and test it to the limit.

As testers, children perform boundary testing, exploratory testing and other sorts of testing such as monkey test, fool test or unit pissing off.

The bad part of it is that you discover huge defects in our theoric education system, the good part of it is that we can modify education system to get rid of the defects and achieve the parents needs.

The parents needs are quite simple: they often want their child to be happy, to live the same kind of life as his parents, to be prosperous and to reproduce the education system with their future children.

Well, this is not what happenned during the last two generations in Europe but this is feasible.

There is also the possibility to use a particularly boring kind of education so that the children won’t use the same and try to inovate. This is up to you.

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